Here are some maths to ponder:

Based on a turnout of about 65%, the EU ‘No’ campaign will need about 16 million votes to win. So….

At the 2015 Election there were about 4m UKIP votes. Assume they’re in the bag.

Now add about 50% of the 11m Tory voters who say they are minded to vote No. That’s another 5.5m.

And on a generous reading, now add in 40% of Labour’s 9m votes. That’s another 3.5m

So that comes to 13 million votes. Meaning we need to find another 3 million among Libdem voters, Green voters, Plaid, SNP and Northern Ireland voters….as well as not irritating the hell out of the Labour & Tory voters who are minded to support us but who are “obviously” part of cyber-kippers’ Liblabcon progressive Common Purpose Bilderberg Illuminati metro-elite.

Do you really think those 3 million people are going to respond to such cyber-kipper nonsense or to Farage’s rantings about road-clogging Muslim Romanians with HIV who live next door and talk funny?